1975 FX. Discovered 1975 Mar. 17 at the Purple Mountain Observatory at Nanking.

Named for the famous historical city, origin of Chinese splendid culture and home of a rich treasure of human civilization. Known in ancient times as Chang'an, it takes first place among the six ancient capitals of China, serving in this capacity for twelve dynasties since the eleventh century B.C. With Athens, Cairo and Rome it ranks among the four leading ancient capitals of the world. The terra cotta warriors and horses at the Museum of Qin Shihuang are praised as an "eighth wonder of the world". Today, Xi'an is the political and economic center of Shaanxi {see planet (2263)} province and the largest central city in the western part of China. It is an important center for national higher education and scientific research, as well as for the aerospace, aviation, electronic, textile and power industries. (M 17655)

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