1990 OT3. Discovered 1990 July 27 by H. E. Holt at Palomar.

Named in honor of Charles F. Yoder (1943- ), of Los Angeles, California. Yoder developed the first analysis of capture into orbit-orbit mean-motion resonances among the satellites of the giant planets, as well as the explanation of the origin and evolution of the three-body Laplacian orbital resonance among the Galilean satellites of Jupiter. He has connected the variations of the rotation of the earth with properties of the core and of the core-mantle interface, found evidence for the dissipative effects of a possible fluid core-solid mantle interaction for the moon and put constraints on the core of Venus and Venus' rotational history required by Venus' obliquity. (M 27462)

Name suggested by A. W. Harris, citation provided by S. J. Peale.

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