Nanten Telescope

The 4-m radio telescope of Nagoya University equipped with the highest sensitivity SIS receiver at 115 GHz allowed us to cover a large area within a reasonable time at an angular resolution high enough to resolve dense cores in nearby (within 1 kpc) dark clouds and also to resolve distant (up to 30kpc from the sun) giant molecular clouds. In 1996, the 4-m telescope "NANTEN" was installed at Las Campanas observatory in Chile under mutual collaboration with the Carnegie Institution of Washington, and we started a CO survey toward the southern sky. Two major works with the NANTEN telescope were the Galactic plane CO survey and the Magellanic Clouds molecular cloud survey (see Kawamura et al. in this conference). The other projects are to observe various objects including high mass star forming regions (Carina, Centaurus, Orion, Bright-Rimmed Clouds), SNRs/Supershells (Vela SNR, Gum Nebula, Carina Flare), Galactic center, Low-mass star forming regions (Ophuichus, Lupus, Chamaeleon, Pipe nebula), Galactic high-latitude molecular clouds (Aquila, infrared-excess clouds), and so on. Many of the results are presented in two special issues of PASJ 1999 vol. 51 No. 6 and 2001 vol. 53 No. 6.

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