Stellar Nurseries Taurus Auriga

Returning to Figure 1.1, we now proceed northwest from Orion, i. e., along the direction of the Hunter's belt. We soon encounter the constellation Taurus (the Bull). Taurus is notable for the

Figure 1.8 Dark clouds in Taurus-Auriga. The large patches in the lower left and middle right correspond to TMC-1 and L1495 in Figure 1.9.

bright orange star Aldebaran, as well as for the Hyades, the V-shaped group of stars marking the Bull's face, and the Pleiades group riding his shoulder. Both the Hyades and Pleiades are nearby, young stellar clusters that continue to furnish valuable information for evolutionary studies. We are more interested, however, in an even younger region to the north, extending into the neighboring Auriga Constellation. Here, as in Orion, molecular clouds are actively producing a multitude of new stars.

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