Forecast For Those Born In January j

Personal: On June 22nd, 2006, you received the impact of the Dragon's Head in Pisces affecting positively your 3rd house of mental speculations, study and critical thinking. The Dragon's Head will reinforce your mental creativity and may lead you to write a book or a play which will force you to face the world with a more definite attitude for success. This house rules all forms of communication and may induce the learning of foreign languages or the arts; expect lots of mental activity and traveling, however you must avoid any form of stress and take time to relax from hard studies. Matters involving mental creativity and spirituality will become newfound interests. The lucky ones will gain a form of fame based upon mental accomplishments and add a new spiritual way of generating money or spiritual stability in the future. A new way of thinking about security, money, including religion and the arts, will be induced by the Dragon's Head.

Many hard-working Capricorns will get a windfall of creative mental energy, and with it, the opportunity to shine intellectually. Many will also be promoted to higher positions or will be able to publish their work. This will open exciting doors to travel promising new business endeavors, and rewarding financial contacts. Dragon's Tail location in the sign of Virgo in your 9th house (religion/traveling/foreigners) will work hard on your favor to eliminate old archaic mental attitudes and attract a progressive new way of thinking. Some of those unworthy religious doctrines will have to be replaced by a more progressive and spiritual research, including astrology or technology. Avoid stress and even depression during the waning moon periods (see Moon Power publication for dates).

During the New and Full Moons of March and September 2007, serious happenings based upon your personal karma will take place. You are strongly advised to use your will and avoid depressing thoughts when dealing with study or religion or if you are restructuring a new life in a foreign country. Challenging regenerative spiritual endeavors combined with advanced or new spiritual studies and social interaction could prove to be beneficial then. Do not let the nasty pull of the Dragon's Tail get the best of your body and mind with guilt and accept the spiritual imposed changes. The positive Dragon's Head in Pisces will induce a variety of mental exchanges and with them, the option to meet interesting people with new ideas. Within the next few months or so the fruits of many years of spiritual hard work will begin to pay off as you may be forced to face the world with a new mental attitude.

New artistic or religious studies will offer you great opportunities to meet new people, thus the potential to find wisdom and true love. Foreign business associations, contracts, partnerships, traveling, and luck in general will be offered by some of those new friends. Providing you keep busy and avoid nurturing pessimistic thoughts about your past, a very progressive time is ahead of you. As a rule, those born in January strive for spiritual or artistic endeavors. This new Dragon may force you to travel, learn and teach your newfound knowledge away from a non-progressive group or friends. Saturn is solid rational planet when changes may not be easily accepted, but doing so will bring a new restructure of your philosophical and religious outlook that will bring you long lasting peace and stability. Remember to respect the Universal Law (the fish tail of the goat) and Capricorn must move upstream with the tide. In time you reach the pure water of true wisdom, happiness and love. The opportunity to make serious mental progress and travel far is offered to you this year. This celestial process will bring you much luck if you take on the challenge of investing in new ideas, new concepts and metaphysical pursuits through traveling. If you accept the challenges, the Dragon will smile at you and promote true happiness.

In the year 2007, the great Jupiter (luck) will cruise through the sign of Sagittarius in your 12th house regulating your subconscious. Much progress is to be expected in those areas if you take the time to educate yourself on the creative forces of your subconscious and use it at your advantage. Let go of the past, let go of the old teachings avoid guilt and all will be fine.

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Uranus Governs The Ingenious, Freedom-Oriented Constellation Of Aquarius

Holder of knowledge of the dimensions The spark of all the inventions Lover of all things in simplicity Charged with the power of electricity I am AQUARIUS, child of Uranus.

Characteristics For Those Born In February

The planet Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius and governs the month of February. You are one of the most original people walking this earth. Aquarius has produced many eccentric people and great inventors. Uranus rules the future and the incredible UFO phenomenon. It commands all celestial knowledge particularly the old science of astrology. You are blessed with curious stars and you are attracted to science, research, electronics, psychology, the food industry, real estate, the police force and Astro-Psychology to name a few. Aquarius rules aeronautics, avionics, television, the Internet and advanced computers. The option to reach fame and fortune is a high probability during the course of your life if you service the world in an advanced and original way. The motion pictures "Back to the Future and The Matrix" are some of the best ways to illustrate Uranus' ingenuity in terms of artistic creativity. Strong and fixed, you have inherited from the stars, accurate intuition, tremendous common sense, ingeniousness, and a powerful will.

Yet, you must learn to listen to others and participate in conversations with equality. Even when the ideas being presented are not of your own making, much knowledge can still be learned. Lend your full ear and do not race ahead with only thoughts of what you need to say. Those born in February must also learn to positively direct Uranus' innovative mental power for the improvement and well being of the world. Acting eccentric and without forethought is a sure downfall for you. Your idealistic views are legendary and your mission is to promote Universal Knowledge and Universal Brotherhood. You will benefit from the opportunity to use the latest technological arsenals to fulfill your unselfish wishes for mankind. You can handle the difficulties of life with a smile and transcend setbacks, by using celestial knowledge to your benefit.

The women of this sign are original, independent, beautiful, intellectual, and make good use of their incredible magnetic sexuality to reach their purposes. As a rule, women born in February produce extraordinarily intelligent children or twins. You are strongly advised not to eat when upset. The medical aspect of Divine Astrology predisposes those born in February to oversensitive stomachs and an overactive mind. A word of caution for those born in February: Many young religious or rational souls will not understand your genius and your advanced message to the world. Many will try hard to stop and hurt you. Remember to respect the Universal Law (see Moon Power), as your awareness and Moon planning will become a major contribution to your happiness and success. The location of your natal Dragons Head or Tail will seriously alter the strength or weakness of Uranus in your chart. (See Nostradamus Dragon Forecast for more information). You can learn much more about yourself or anyone else by ordering my new book entitled "I Know All About You", "The Power Of The Dragon" or "And God Created The Stars".

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The Art Of Astrology

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