Lunation impact on all signs

Aries - Relocation ahead of you and changes in your career soon. Accept those changes.

Taurus - An important letter or disturbing news is ahead of you, have faith.

Gemini - You will be forced to spend money for home or your family.

Cancer - Serious business or emotional stress is ahead of you. Changes are needed in your life.

Leo - Let go of your past, move on. Time to look for the future and avoid guilt, be ready.

Virgo - You need to go out with your friends. New ones will bring you love and wishes soon.

Libra - Great career changes are ahead of you. You might have to go or look somewhere else.

Scorpio - A trip or someone far away will need you. Big business must be done.

Sagittarius - A legacy or a present is in store for you. Be strong, you will need it.

Capricorn - You will have to work on yourself and your partner soon. Endings are ahead.

Aquarius - A great new opportunity to serve the world will be offered to you. Move on.

Pisces - A chance to find new love is offered to you. A friend will need your help.

January 4, 2007 — Venus enters Aquarius: With the planet of love in the independent sign of Aquarius, an opportunity to fall for an original, even powerful person, will be given to you. This trend will allow many freedom-oriented souls to find intellectual, new age partners, and to enjoy their magnetism and the respect they worked so hard to establish. Some lucky souls will be given the opportunities to enjoy electrifying love experiences; they may end up with memorable moments to cherish for the rest of their lives. If your natal Venus is in a hard aspect to Uranus, your desire for freedom and experience will take over the real feeling and need for true love. If she is well aspected, then an incredible and solid marriage will take place and surprise many people. Souls born now will be given the opportunity to experience love on an intellectual level and will have to learn to show more emotion and compassion. Again, If Venus is badly aspected then the soul will suffer many disturbing and short relationships with abusive partners, who will behave badly especially on a sexual level. Intellectual exchanges, honesty and freedom are needed with this position. Blessed with such a universal love, Venus in Aquarius will offer the soul an opportunity to attract an incredible, loyal, creative, intellectual, even original partner. This position makes for one of the most original and magnetic partners. Usually artistic talent in writing, talking, photography, acting, and mental medicine is present with this position. This is a top position for those involved in the artistic, medical or scientific and research fields. Souls born now will travel the world in their lifetimes. They will be attracted to beautiful, intellectually stimulating partners and will be inclined to marry foreigners. I was born with this Mercury position.

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