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January 3rd, 2007 - Full Moon in Cancer: The Full Moon will mature in the loving, family-oriented sign of Cancer. Expect some serious career or personal developments to take place. Some will be starting new jobs and others will drop them; this may also include a business relationship. Promotion or deception, whichever happens to you (or others) will mark an important part of your life. Just be ready to accept the upcoming changes with faith in your new future. Be ready to provide a supportive shoulder to the victims. Nature may also decide to do some nasty tricks in some states, promoting bad weather or earthquakes. The government will have to take serious steps to keep peace in some parts of the world. The Moon rules this sign. Expect the beginning or ending of important phases of your life. This lunation could represent a very important part your destiny. You may be forced to let go of your past, accept your new future with confidence. Many will be affected and forced to move on around you. The US will be touched directly and the dramatic impact will affect many families in the long run. Keep a positive attitude and have faith in the government decisions for the future. Do something for someone you care about and offer my book to them, remember Moon Power is a limited edition and many people get really frustrated, when they cannot get their copy of Moon Power. Think of it as a present and realize how much help you are offering the people you care for most, with my guidance.

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