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Ho'oponopono Certification

The Ho'oponopono Certification will teach you some fundamental strategies that will help you do away with all the negative energies. By so doing, you will become a positive person, leading a positive life as well. The program is a creation of two individuals, Dr. Joe Vitale and Mathew Dixon. The former is an actor and has featured in many books, apart from being a professional in the implementation of the law of attraction in ensuring people lead better lives. Mathew is an influential healing musician. The two individuals teamed up to modernize the Ho'oponopono strategy in the program. The program was established following a thorough research and tests. It is a step by step guide that will ensure you successfully let go of your cognizant and intuitive memory, bringing to an end all your problems. The program consists of 8 eight videos, each taking 40 minutes. These videos will explain each and every detail of the program to ensure that you fully understand all the necessary techniques. There is no reason to hesitate. Purchase it today transform your life for good. More here...

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Contents: Ebook, Video Course
Author: Dr. Joe Vitale and Mathew Dixon
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Highly Recommended

Of all books related to the topic, I love reading this e-book because of its well-planned flow of content. Even a beginner like me can easily gain huge amount of knowledge in a short period.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

Thought Elevators

A new research on success and its manifestation conducted by Stanford University answers questions about Tibetan Monks and the secret to their long-lasting happiness, not to mention eternal success. Their brains were studied and it was found that they used some kind of a technique called the Brain Elevation Technique. It is merely a meditation that used to take them to a state known as Theta State of mind. And that is when the universe starts bestowing good will upon you. It is much like hypnosis, whereby your subconscious brain is targeted and fed with new ideas. Like many people who reshape a certain field, Eric Taller reshaped what we know about the Theta State and the path to it. He summarized the process in 4 steps and created a 3-minute video that prepared him for the process. After that, he created 33-minute audio with the help of a sound engineer. That audio contained music of the frequencies 4 Hz and 7 Hz and audio motivational speeches. In Thought Elevator's package you get the video and audio and these bonuses, Bonus 1: Success While You Sleep, bonus 2: How to Plant a Money Tree? Bonus 3: Recognizing Your Soulmate, bonus 4: I Love Myself, bonus 5: Manifesting Health for Boomers. More here...

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Contents: Videos, Audios
Creator: Eric Taller
Price: $47.00

The World Tapping Circle

This very important program was created and laid down by Sonya Sophia. This lady is an expert in the field of EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques which is also known as Tapping. She has been for the last 30 years handling healing arts working. Her program contains all what you need to deal with financial issues, improve self-esteem, feel motivated and heal your relationship. Besides the fact that most healing modalities don't guarantee results, the success of this program is appealing and very promising. In simple terms, The World Tapping Circle is a self-healing program supported with empirical findings and evidence based research. It combines researched and accredited Chinese medicines, breath work, neurolinguistics, affirmations and Western Phycology to help you deal with stress. More here...

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Contents: Membership Platform
Creator: Sonya Sophia
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Price: $27.00

Creating Scripts For EFT

The author, Joe Williams, created this program to help everybody be able to create scripts and release them and in the process get rid of negative emotions. The main core of this program as presented by the author is the Pen and Paper Method' of Scripting, which forms the general knowledge of this product. This guide will teach you the processes to follow to develop and create your scripts in minutes, even when you may not have the experience in doing so. And this special method of scripting as presented by the author has little relationship to scripting, but it teaches you how to script without actually scripting'. With this product, the author shows you how to make EFT a product of the process as EFT is something that comes at the end of the process and considered to be the last step in the process. So with this guide, you will learn how to create EFT scripts with the Pen and Paper Method' of Scripting, then creating the EFT scripts, and connect all the tiny pieces. More here...

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Contents: Ebooks
Author: Joe Williams
Official Website:
Price: $24.00

End Limiting Beliefs Program

Steve G. Jones End Limiting Beliefs uncovers the shocking truth behind the limiting beliefs that secretly lurk in every persons mind. These beliefs according to end limiting beliefs are hidden from view but are causing more harm than good. This guide will show you how to create a healthy and progressive self-image, how to deal with peoples perception of you, differentiating between what you truly believe in and what others think, dealing with the feeling of being helpless and paralyzed. Though 8 days to end limiting beliefs claims that you should be out of your limiting beliefs in 8 days, it may take you longer because the application depends on the user and the situation that the user is in too. More here...

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Dr. Steve G. Jones
Official Website:
Price: $19.95

WebbMcNamara Difficulties

Conflicts and otherwise, between Webb and McNamara. For instance, records from a meeting McNamara attended in March of 1963 to discuss Dynasoar contain the following puzzling observation Mr. McNamara raised the question of what would be an optimum test bed for hypersonic R&D during the NASA briefing. Someone at the NASA briefing raised the point that the Space Act provided that space be used for 'peaceful purposes.' Mr. McNamara was very scornful, saying that he was prepared to get the law changed. 130 This supposed-McNamara remark must remain a mystery because no further evidence exists of McNamara attempting to have the Space Act amended. At a minimum, however, it does indicate that Mc-Namara had some type of negative feelings ( scornful ) toward the general concept of space for peace, and possibly even NASA per se, although this certainly did not translate into any amenability toward Air Force space proposals.

L And Now for Something Completely Different

Today questions about the existence of intelligent creatures on distant planets have taken on a new degree of respectability, thanks to the explosive growth in astronomical knowledge about stars and planets, and our recently developed technological capability to communicate, in principle anyway, with civilizations on planets orbiting other stars in our corner of the Milky Way. In recent years no book on astronomy appears to have failed to discuss the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETl), but in view of our complete lack of knowledge about the nature of ET, such discussions, despite attempts to present them in a scientific light, are primarily based on speculation and personal belief laced with vast amounts of hope. The SETl program can only be approached from the point of view of pure exploration, not as a scientifically justified experiment in the usual sense of the word.

Deep Sky Observatory

Dome Forms Building

Before beginning, I should explain that I never quite got the hang of reading blueprints or following building plans. All of my previous observatory designs, stationary and mobile, reflect my personal belief that function takes precedence over form. If something isn't available off the shelf, then I design and build my own. If something doesn't fit, then I get a bigger hammer My usual strategy is to watch the doers and then adopt their most noteworthy ideas. I'm unimpressed with expensive, flashy setups which look great but never get used. I unreservedly borrow'' the best ideas I see in other observatories, and am delighted if other people choose to adopt mine. I devote a great deal of time to astrophotography however, I am devoted to public education in astronomy, and frequently open my observatory to students of all ages. I get a lot of enjoyment out of teaching young people visual observing techniques, and introducing them to the wonders of the universe through computer imaging.

Need To Know

What do I mean when I say this is our origin story Just whom am I referring to A bunch of males who are not only dead but white Is this story accepted and embraced by everyone Of course not. But our knowledge of Cosmic Evolution is not in conflict with the core beliefs of most of the religions, and it certainly isn't necessary to discard or discredit older origin stories to embrace this new one. Even if you go to church, temple, or ashram for the singing and the dancing (that's the part I like), for the comfort of spiritual community, or to receive ancient wisdom, you probably accept that science has clued us in to some big truths about our origins that the writers of our ancient texts could not have known. Except for some Rastas I used to play with in a reggae band, and some Jehovah's Witnesses who've knocked on my door, I haven't met many people who take a seven-day Genesis literally.

Fiveday High

Although the arrival of TDRS-1 undoubtedly made the world a more interconnected place, it was to Story Musgrave's intense regret that his fellow humans seemed far more interested in building barriers than bridges. I'm an optimist, he said quietly at the post-flight press conference. I like to think positive, but man is not a social animal. One of my biggest disappointments is the absolute failure of the human being as a social animal. You get back here on Earth and open the newspapers and, every week, there are ten or 12 new wars breaking out all over the world. When I was in space, I never thought about war. I never had one negative thought. It was an incredibly positive experience - there was no time or inclination to think of war or problems, disease or death. I had absolute confidence that this mission would go as smoothly as it did, he continued. This is my career and though I'm not scheduled for another flight as yet, I hope I don't have to wait another 16 years.


In its interdisciplinary nature, astrobiology may be breaking essential ground for the future of all science. Our progress in understanding the universe is hindered by our inability, and or reluctance, to cross the artificial boundaries imposed by our institutionalization of science. But if interdisciplinary work remains a huge challenge, it is not only because of bad attitudes. There are good reasons why we specialize.

Rocket renaissance

Relative to personal spaceflight, Popular Science magazine's editor said it best about the long-term possibilities when SpaceShipOne (see photograph in Exhibit 109) and its White Knight spacecraft won the Ansari X-Prize Some of the boldest, most mind-blowing innovations we've ever surveyed '' Having made history with the first manned private spaceflight, despite a plant fire in 2008, Burt Rutan's Scaled Composites still has a commitment of 1 billion to build a fleet of SpaceShipTwo vehicles, which are powered by a hybrid rocket, partially filled with solid fuel, but no oxidant ( contactus.php). Because this may be safer for his passengers, Sir Richard Branson has ordered five of these vehicles at a cost of 240 million. The latter's Virgin Galactic spaceline has already banked 15.6m in passenger reservations even before that spaceliner has flown a suborbital flight. At a ticket price of possibly 1000,000- 200,000 each, the six people, plus two pilots, will get a few days...

Who Got The Bunk

The whole debunking concept, when applied to other people's belief systems, as opposed to specific reports of events or phenomena, is antiproductive. It doesn't lead to greater understanding. The term itself does not connote an effort to win over or convince those who don't agree with you. It's meant to show them to be the idiots they really are. Your beliefs are bunk is a trifle condescending.

Are You Experienced

Our beliefs and expectations mold our interpretations of experience. This affects what we see and how we remember it. After a while you have a pattern of memories that confirm your beliefs. This can work both ways, of course. If you think, We can find a rational explanation for anything, then you always will.

Positive Thinking As The Key To Success

Positive Thinking As The Key To Success

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