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Royal Numerology is a program that offers custom reading following one's date of birth and full name. But what is numerology? Simply put, it is the study of number's symbolism. The program was structured by Aiden Powers and through numbers' symbolism, individuals' personality, talents, strengths, inner needs, obstacles, ways of relating with others along with emotional interactions are determined. Even though numerology itself appears hard, it is quite simple for the individual receiving the report. The first thing you need to do is to visit the Royal Numerology Website. You will then be required to key in your full name, starting with the first one, the middle one and then the last one. You will also provide your full date of birth, not forgetting the year. Thereafter, you will present the number that has been surfacing in your life lately. The last thing you will have to do is to let Aiden know of anything in your life that you may wish to be assisted in handling. This may be with regards to the choices you need to make in the near future, a prevailing condition you are not certain about or anything else. It has a 60-day money back guarantee and that means your deposit is safeguarded. Thousands of individuals from different parts of the world are successfully using it. Why not you? Read more here...

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The very first point I want to make certain that Royal Numerology definitely offers the greatest results.

As a whole, this ebook contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

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Your Numerology Chart Cannot Tell A Lie Summary

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Astronomy and Boundary Stone Markers

The evidence for planetary associations includes information on structural complexes. A major example is the building of Dur Sharrukin (modern Khorsabad). In the year 706 b.c., Sharrukin (Sargon II), 110th king of Assyria, dedicated his new capital city and palace compex, called Dur Shar-rukin. The length of the city wall was 16,283 cubits, the numeral of my name, said the king. Unfortunately, we do not know how this numerological value was calculated. By no later than the Hellenistic period, a number was assigned to each letter in an alphabetic sequence and the numbers were simply summed. Although Sargon II was using cuneiform, it is probable that he had scribes familiar with alphabets. Of the gates of the wall of the complex, Sargon II's inscription reads (Luckenbill 1929, p. 65)

Mesoamerican Cross Circle Designs

The first way is in their numerology. Counts of the number of dots forming elements of cross-circle designs, such as on radial spokes between points where they cross the circles or on circle sectors between points where they cross radial spokes, reveal a preponderance of the numbers five, thirteen, eighteen, and twenty, which are significant as elements of the Mesoamerican calendar. Enough of them have a total count of 260 (the number of days in the sacred 260-day calendrical cycle) to suggest that this might have been significant too. They may have been symbolic representations of the calendar in some sense, an idea that seems less strange when we compare them with cosmograms found in some of the central Mexican codices. Yet ethnohistoric accounts also refer to the use of such designs, made up of cavities pecked into the floors of buildings, for a game called patolli, which involved moving pebbles around in the holes. Why should a gameboard have reflected the calendar Perhaps...

Constellations Calendars and Cosmology in Southeast Asia

The days of the 1-, 2-, and 10-day weeks are not sequential but are determined by numerology. Each day name in the 5- and 7-day weeks has a ritual number (urip). One determines the day in the 2-day week by adding the numbers of the particular day in the 5-day week and the corresponding day in the 7-day week. If the result is even, the day is Menga and if odd, Pepet. The day name of the 1-day week is Luang, which, however, only occurs on days Pepet. Days corresponding to Menga have no name in the 1-day week. For the 10-day week, the sequence of days is similarly determined from the combined urips of the 5-and 7-day weeks the remainder of the fraction (sum + 1) 10 determines the number of the day in the 10-day week. Thus, the urip associated with the day Paing in the 5-day week is 9 the urip associated with Wraspati in the 7-day week is 8 so the sum + 1 is 18 and the remainder, modulo 10, is 8. Therefore, the day is Raja in the 10-day week (see Table 9.4).

Love 22 And Keplers Laws

Johannes Kepler was a late-sixteenth-century philosopher freak who walked the fine line between genius and delusion. He had a lifelong conviction that a secret, simple mathematical order lay hidden just beneath the confusing, chaotic surface of the universe. He found it hard to find steady work and, like many astronomers of his day, kept a day job as a court astrologer, casting fortunes for the rich and famous.f With a seamless blend of mysticism and science he pursued his search for the numerological and geometrical designs of creation. Kepler is a missing link between the two modern sources of belief in aliens. The man who worked out the mathematical laws of planetary motion was motivated largely by a desire to cast more accurate horoscopes. Today, two separate strains of believers about alien life coexist in our culture rationalist scientific followers of SETI (the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) and mystical, New Age UFO believers. The roots of science and pseudoscience...

Brief History of Physics

By a curious numerological coincidence, Stephen Hawking was born 300 years to the day after the death of Galileo Galilei, the man who did most to usher in the era of modern science. But for the purposes of this story, it is best to start with Sir Isaac Newton, who was the first truly


At different locations, and were unsuccessful in predicting solar eclipses. The later, more advanced development of Chinese astronomy, which reached its highest stage during the Yung Dynasty of the thirteenth century, was made possible by the rejection of the older numerology and was also aided to some extent by the absorption of ideas from Indian astronomy. Although it is currently unfashionable to compare Chinese scientific accomplishments to contemporary Western work, it is the case that a study of the Chinese case serves to highlight and bring into focus the remarkable innovations of Greek cosmology and predictive astronomy.

Calendrical Systems

In the Chinese lunar-solar calendar it was necessary to adjust the length of the month so that the calendar kept in step with the seasons. The fundamental problem was to find a cycle in which an integral multiple of years was equal to an integral multiple of months and to find other cycles that yielded both of these quantities in terms of an integral number of days. Another basic concept of the Chinese calendar was the original time, or epoch, from which all dates were computed. In any given dynastical system of calendrical astronomy the selection of the epoch was determined by political factors, astronomical considerations, and various numerological beliefs. The change in li under Emperor Wu illustrates how considerations of a numerological sort influenced thinking about the calendar. The basis of the change was a new value for the fractional part of the average month, namely 43 81. The number 81 in the denominator of this fraction was the square of nine, and nine was a special yang...

Diracs Bold Idea

Arrange the properties of elementary particles into curious arrays, he speculated that these patterns stemmed from groupings of yet more fundamental objects called quarks. If he had turned out to be wrong, his methods would have been deemed numerological hokum. But he was right, and his insight led to the modern field of quantum chromodynamics the theory of the strong nuclear interaction that binds protons and neutrons together.


The pyramid of Kukulcan, also known as El Castillo, is one of the most impressive constructions at the Maya site of Chichen Itza. Some consider its innate calendrical significance to be expressed in the numerology of its four stairways, one on each side, each of which rises in ninety-one steps to the top platform adding the final step into the temple on the top makes 365 steps in all. The pyramid is not cardinally oriented but skewed by about twenty-one degrees clockwise, and archaeoastronomers have investigated the possible reasons for this as part of systematic studies of the orientations of Maya temples and city plans. However, the phenomenon that has captured the public imagination was apparently discovered by chance by a caretaker at the site in the late 1920s.


Named for Nicomachus of Gerasa, first-century arithmetician and numerologist who has been credited with the discovery that 496 and 8128 are the third and fourth perfect numbers, i.e., numbers that are the sums of their factors (including unity but excluding the numbers themselves). The perfection of 6 and 28 was known to even earlier Greek and Hindu mathematicians. In 1644, Mersenne see planet (8191) showed that the sequence of perfect numbers is given by the product of 2n 1 and 2n 1, where 2n 1 is prime - as then is n, which takes the values 2, 3, 5 and 7 for the first four cases. (M 31612)

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