Jt JtT Jpc3318

where Jt = tR2 — tR1 and Jp represents the range change between tT2 and tT 1. Consider the following cases:

• If p2 > P:L: the length of the path traversed by the signal is getting longer (the transmitter and receiver are getting farther apart), then Jt > JtT. In other words, the time between successive pulse arrivals is longer than the fix ed interval between their transmission, JtT.

• If p2 < Pi: the length of the signal path is getting shorter (the transmitter and receiver are moving toward each other), then St < StT. In this case, the time between successive pulse arrivals is shorter than StT.

• If p2 = Pi: there is no change in the signal path length and the pulse arrival interval equals the pulse transmit interval.

Equation (3.3.18) can be rewritten as

0 0

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