Global Guide

Use the globe on page 81. Read the clues below. Write the answers on the lines. Then, use the numbered letters to solve the riddle at the bottom of the page.

a 10

North America. 11 12

IS 16 17

7. This ocean is east of South America.

Our Home Planet

The third planet from the_is our home planet Earth. Earth has something no other_is known to have—living things.

Earth is at the right_____from the Sun to have the liquid water necessary to support life. Mercury and Venus are too hot because they are

_to the Sun. The other planets are too far from the Sun to have

_water. Not much heat or light_them, so the water would be in the form of ice.

Earth has a lot of water. Most living things need water. Water helps to control the Earth's weather and climate. Water also breaks rock into _which plants need to grow.

Earth is surrounded by a blanket of air called the atmosphere. Oxygen is one of the_gases in the atmosphere. Most animals breathe oxygen.

is a special planet!

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