Strip of Space

Compare the positions ot the planets from the Sun.

• the Sun yellow • Earth green • Saturn yellow

• Mercury brown • Mars red • Uranus and Neptune blue

• Venus yellow • Jupiter orange • Pluto purple

(Distanco» are to approxknote scale.)

(Distanco» are to approxknote scale.)

Mercury Earth ------


Uranus (

2. !>


Nepiuoe C3

i a

Pluto O

Our solar system is like a family with the Sun being the parent. The planets are like children orbiting around the Sun. The planets and the Sun make up a family.

Planets revolve, or move, around the Sun. When a planet starts at one place, goes all the way around the Sun, and ends up back at the same place, we call that one revolution.

While each planet is revolving or orbiting the Sun, it is also doing something else. It is spinning like a top. We call this rotation.

Your "Solar" Family

1. Use a piece of white paper, a pencil, crayons, and a glass.

2. Let's compare your family to the Sun's family! Put the glass in the center of the paper. Trace around the glass to draw a circle. Inside the circle, you may draw the face of your mom, dad, or grandparent as in the example.

3. Now. around the outside of the paper, draw more faces to show all the children in your family.

Read each riddle. Then write the answer using one of the scrambled words from the Word Bank.

Word Bank

tlfoa srost rMas nuS

rEath erscrat htlesut nruSat

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