Time Capsule on the Noon

Scientists have studied the rocky surface of the Moon, our closest neighbor in space. By studying samples the astronauts have brought back to Earth, we know the Moon is probably 4 i billion years old! They also know the Moon is very different from the Earth. Large holes on the surface of the Moon are called craters. Scientists have discovered the Moon has no air, gravity, wind, or water. Because of this, everything stays the same on its surface. The U.S. flag placed on the Moon by our astronauts should stay for millions of years. That means future visitors on the Moon will see It long after we're gone.

What do you think would be important to show millions of years from now? Design a space time capsule to be sealed and left on the Moon. What will you put in it? Why?

Use some of these Items and make a time capsule. Seal it until the end of the year.

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