Amazing Shadow

Me and My Shadow

1. Use a piece of white paper larger than yourself. Get a friend to help you.

2. Take the paper outside on a sunny day. Lay the paper on a flat surface.

3. Position yourself so your shadow falls on the paper.

4. Have your friend trace your shadow with a color marker.

5. Try this at three different times of the day—in the morning, around noon, and in the afternoon. Use the same piece of paper but a different color marker each time. Put the paper back in the same place each time.

6. Label each shadow with the time of day.

7. Look at your shadows. How are they different?_

8. Did you have to move to a new position each time to find the shadow?_

Place this page flat on a table. Hold your hand over the paper. A shadow will appear. Your hand blocks light creating a dark shadow.

Outside, when objects block sunlight, shadows appear. When you sit under the shade of a tree on a hot day. you sit in a shadow.

A shadow can turn day into night before your very eyes! To make this happen, something must block all sunlight from falling on Earth. The Earth's Moon can do just that! Twice a year the Moon blocks sunlight from an area of Earth. As the Moon blocks the sunlight, the Sun looks smaller and smaller. When the Moon hides all of the Sun, the sky goes dark. The Sun's red fringe surrounds the dark moon for a short while until the Moon moves and slowly the Sun reappears. Day returns. When the Moon passes in front of the Sun and blocks the sunlight, we have a solar eclipse.

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