Beyond Our Solar System

Astronomers know that much lies beyond our solar system. In fact, in the drawing on this page our solar system is just a tiny speck in a larger group of objects in space. This larger group is called the Milky Way galaxy. The Milky Way is made up of all the stars you can see in the night sky and many more beyond those. II also contains large clouds made of gas and dust. But that's not all! Beyond our Milky Way. astronomers have seen millions of other galaxies. Each of these has billions of stars. Astronomers call space and everything in it the universe. .

Our Solar System

I What is the name of our galaxy?_

2. What have astronomers seen beyond our galaxy?

3. What is the universe?

M. Which contains the largest group of objects—the solar system, the universe, or the Milky Way?_

5. What two kinds of objects does the Milky Way contain?_

What is your global address? It's more than your street, city, state, and ZIP code.

What would your address be if you wanted to get a letter from a friend living in outer space?

Use an atlas, encyclopedia, science book, or other source to complete your global address.

Inter-Galactic Address Book



County or Parish _

State or Province _

Country _

Continent _

Hemisphere _


Galaxy _

Find a word in the Word Bank that matches each clue below. Write the word on the blanks.

Word Bank atmosphere axis revolve planets rings star orbit astronomer astronaut rotate craters

6. scientist who studies the objects in space A ---------- ft

7. imaginary line through the center of a planet__I__

10. Saturn, Jupiter, and Uranus have these_____

Answer this riddle! Write the circled letters on the blanks below.

What is another name for our solar system?

814 113925 76 10 11925

Can a solid become a gas? Background:

Everything in the universe, from the smallest ant to the largest star, is made of matter. Matter comes In three states, or forms: solid, liquid, and gas.

What You'll Need:

• zip-top sandwich bag

• microwave-safe dish

• microwave oven

What to Do:

I. Put the ice cubes into the sandwich bag. Seal the bag.

2. Place the bag on a microwave-safe dish. Put the dish Inside the microwave oven.

What to Do:

I. Put the ice cubes into the sandwich bag. Seal the bag.

2. Place the bag on a microwave-safe dish. Put the dish Inside the microwave oven.

3. Ask an adult to help you heat the bag for 90 seconds at high power. If the ice isn't completely melted, heat the bag for another 30 seconds. The ice will form water.

4. Now heat the bag for another 30 seconds. What happens? Why?

5. Let the bag cool completely before removing it from the microwave.

What Happened:

In this experiment, matter changed its state, or form. Solid ice became liquid water, then a gas called water vapor. This happened because the molecules, or particles, of matter where heated up. The molecules of matter are always moving around. In a solid, like ice, the molecules are close together and move very slowly. When a solid is heated, the molecules move farther apart. The solid becomes a liquid. When a liquid is heated, the molecules move even faster and farther apart, becoming a gas. Your bag puffed up because the water became water vapor. The gas molecules moved farther apart, filling more space in the bag. Matter can also change its state in the other direction. When a gas is cooled enough, it can become a liquid, then a solid.

One Step Further:

When you finish the experiment, put the bac in the freezer. Check it after three or four hours What happens to the bag? Why?


1. Is your body made of matter?

2. If you leave a chocolate bar out in the hot sun, it melts. Why does this happen?

M. What's the name of the red-hot liquid that pours out of a volcano? What does this liquid form when it cools?

5. In science fiction stories, spaceships sometimes use "matter" or "antimatter" as fuel for their engines. When matter and antimatter collide, they release tremendous energy. Make up a science fiction story that contains the words matter and antimatter.

Use the clues below to find the mystery picturel Read each sentence and then cross out the picture that does not belong. Which picture is left?

2. It is not an astronaut.

3. It is not a space shuttle. H. It is not the Sun.

5. It is not a satellite.

6. It is not a rocket ship.

7. It is not a telescope.

What is the mystery picture?

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