Do Your Own Stargazing

The best way to learn about the stars is to have a hands-on approach—so go stargazing! It is best to go stargazing right after the Sun goes down on a clear night. Ask an adult to go with you and be prepared to sit patiently while you look up at the stars.

First, find the Big Dipper, a group of seven stars that seem to form a saucepan with a long handle. From there, you should be able to find the North Star, the Little Dipper, Draco, Cassiopeia, and Perseus. Once you find the Big Dipper, look at the map below to find the other constellations. It may be hard to pick them out at first, because there are so many other stars around the main ones you are looking for.

Here are some helpful hints:

• Once you find the Big Dipper, follow the two end stars in its bowl in a straight line to locate the North Star.

• The North Star is very bright and is the end star of the Little Dipper's handle.

• Draco's tail loops around the cup of the Little Dipper.

• If you have found the North Star, the Big Dipper is on one side, and Cassiopeia is on the opposite side.

Cut out the homes of the constellations below. Then match them to their

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