Earths Twin

Use the words in the Word Bank to complete the story.

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lightning size



atmosphere melt

Venus has been called Earth's twin because it is about the same_as Earth. Venus is the second planet from the Sun and is the planet_to

Earth. Venus was also the first planet to be studied by spacecraft. Venus has no moon.

Venus has an interesting_, or blanket of gases around it. It reflects, or bounces off, so much of the Sun's

__that Venus is easier to see than any other planet. The atmosphere also lets some sunlight in and traps heat_the planet's surface. Therefore, temperatures on Venus are high enough to

_some metals. Clouds move at high speeds in Venus's atmosphere, and bolts of_streak across the sky.

Venus has volcanoes on its surface and a mountain_than the highest on Earth. There is no liquid water on Venus. Earth's plants and animals could not live on Venus.

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