Fascinating Facts About the Solar System

A solar system is more than a sun and its planets — it's anything and everything that revolves around a star!

Our solar system gets its name from the Sun. Solar means "of the Sun."

Our solar system is made up of our local star, the Sun. plus the nine major planets that orbit it and their moons.

It also includes asteroids, comets, and the gas and dust particles in the space between them!

The outermost region of the solar system is thought to be an area occupied by what is known as an Oort Cloud. Stretching far off into space, the Oort Cloud is a collection of orbiting ice particles that extends our solar system 4 light-years, or 23.6 trillion miles, Into space!

All the planets in our solar system move around the Sun in the same direction. The solar system itself rotates around the Milky Way!

Space is what separates one thing from another. When objects are close together, there is not much space between them. When they are far apart, there is a lot of space. The space between planets is called interplanetary space. The space between stars is interstellar space. The space between galaxies is intergalactic space There is more space between stars than between planets. Space is everywhere. Look around, and you will see that there is space between you and other people and objects. There is a lot of space in the universe. Space is not empty. It can be filled with air. Air is made of different gases. Earth's air is made of mainly nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. The air on other planets is made of gases, but some are poisonous for human beings to breathe.

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