Follow the Sunbeams

The Sun's rays provide the energy source for every living thing on Earth. Begin at the center of the Sun and find a path that allows the energy to beam toward Earth.

The Sun is a star. It is the only star in our solar system. Our Sun Is just one of many billions of stars in the Milky Way galaxy. The Sun is a medium-sized star. It looks bigger than the other stars in the sky because it is closer to Earth than the stars we see at night. The Sun is a huge ball of hot, glowing gases that move and boil. The light from the hot gases of the Sun is so bright that you cannot look straight at it without hurting your eyes. The Sun is 13 million miles from Earth. If a spaceship could fly to the Moon in two days, it would take the same ship more than two years to fly to the Sun. The hottest part of the Sun Is the center, or core. Nuclear energy from the core heats the outer parts of the Sun so they are hot enough to glow with light. It takes about eight minutes and twenty seconds for the Sun's light to travel space and reach Earth.

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