Have you ever wondered why the Earth orbits the Sun and why it doesn't fly off into space? A force called gravity keeps Earth from flying off into space. Everything in the universe has gravity. Every galaxy, every star, every planet and moon, every building, every tree, every person, every bug. every atom has gravity. The gravity of a thing pulls on every other thing In the universe.

Gravity pulls much harder on nearby things than on faraway things, but even the tiniest flower tugs on the farthest galaxy. The more massive the object, the harder it pulls at other things. Since the Sun is the greatest mass in our solar system, it has the strongest pull. The Sun's gravitational pull on Earth and the other planets keeps them from flying off into space.


The planet we live on 5. Thete are nine In our solar system.

8. To move around another planet

9. A torce ol nature that keeps everything from flying oft Into space

10. Earth orbits the__


1. The area all around Earth, the planets, galaxies, and stars

2. Gravity is a_that keeps Earth orbiting tho Sun.

3. The more massive the_the harder It pulls at other things.

6. Earth moves_the Sun.

7. Everything In the__ .system has gravity.

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