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Eartti is a very special planet because It is the only planet known to have life. Only Earth has the necessities to support life—water, air, moderate temperatures, and suitable air pressure. Earth is about q2.q60,000 miles from the Sun and is 7,126 miles in diameter. Its highest recorded temperature was I36°F In Libya and the lowest was -127°F in Antarctica. Venus is known as Earth's "twin" because the two planets are so similar in size. At about 67,230,000 miles from the Sun, Venus is 7,521 miles in diameter. Venus Is the brightest planet in the sky, as seen from Earth, and is brighter than even the stars. The temperature on the surface of this planet is about 850°F. Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun. It is about 35,980.000 miles from the Sun and is 3.031 miles In diameter. The temperature on this planet ranges from -315"F to 6H8-F.

Pretend you were going to Venus or Mercury for spring break. Make a list of the things you would bring (you may have to invent them in order to survive), and draw a picture of the vehicle that would take you there. Write about your experiences on another sheet of paper.

Things I Need to Take


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