When you see the Sun shining during the day, you are seeing a star. —

A star is a huge glowing ball of gases. The Sun is the only star in our solar system. It looks much larger than the stars we see at night because it is closer to us than the others. Even so. the Sun is 93 million miles from Earth.

Our Sun Is really only a medium-sized star. Some other stars in the universe are much bigger, and many stars are much smaller. The Sun is a yellow star. Hotter stars are blue, and cooler stars are red.

Copy the sentence from the story that answers each question. I. What is a star?_

2. Which star is in our solar system?.

3. How far is the Sun from Earth?

What color Is the Sun?_

5. Why does the Sun look larger to us than other stars?

The Sun is the closest star to Earth. How close? The Sun is 93,000.000 miles away. This great distance Is fairly close when you 1hlnk of the vast distances in outer space. How long does light from the Sun take to travel 93 million miles to Earth? Circle your answer.

In just 8 minutes and 20 seconds, light from the Sun travels all that distance and lands on you!

Why is sunlight so important? Place your hand on a window where sunlight is shining in. You will feel the Sun's heat. The Sun's heat keeps the ground and air warm. Plants need sunlight to make food that keeps them growing. When plants make food they give off oxygen, a gas people and animals breathe. We also eat plants to live. The Sun helps you when you are lost! If you face the Sun in the morning, your direction is east. In the afternoon, you face the Sun to the west. How can this help if you are lost?

Sun Talk

People talk about the Sun all the time! Look at the words and pictures below. Draw a line connecting the picture with the "sun" word that matches it. Then color the pictures In a way that makes sense.


8 years

8 minutes. 20 seconds sunbonnet sunglasses sundial sunfish sunflower sunset

Can you think of three more "sun" words? Write them here.

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