Sizing up the

Our star, the Sun, is very important to our solar system. This huge ball of fiery gases provides heat and light, making life, as we know It, possible on Earth.

How large is the Sun? The diameter, or distance across the middle, is 860,000 miles. That's I OP times longer than the Earth's diameter. The Sun is about the size of one million Earths all piled together.

Our Sun is only a medium-sized star. Imagine how big other stars might be!

The Comparison Test

1.Cut out a one-inch piece of yarn and place it on the floor.

2. Cut out the "Earth's Diameter" card and place it by the small piece of yam.

3. Unroll a very long, straight piece of yarn across the floor. Place a

12- inch ruler at the end of the yarn and measure 12 inches.

4. Measure 12 Inches of yarn 8 more times to get 108 inches. Then, measure one more inch and cut the yarn. Your one straight piece of yarn is 109 inches long.

5. Cut out the "Sun's Diameter" card and place It next to the long piece of yarn.

6. Compare the length of Earth's diameter to the Sun's. The Sun's diameter Is ICW times longer than Earth's.

Earth's Diameter

Sun's Diameter

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