Star Light Star Bright

Lie on your back. Gaze up into the night sky. Which star is the brightest? On a clear night, you can see hundreds of stars—some are bright and others are dim. Why are some stars brighter than others? Let's try to find out by looking at the picture on this page.

I. Look at the two streetlights in the picture. Which streetlight appears the brightest?_

2. Look at the bicycle and the truck. Which headlights appear the brightest?

3. Some stars appear brighter than other stars for the same reasons as the lights in the picture. What are the two reasons?

Color Me Hot

Stars differ not only in brightness, but also in color. As the star gets hotter, the color changes. Color these stars. Use the chart to find the correct color.

Star Color Temperature Color

36,000°F Blue 18.000-F White q.OOO°F Yellow 5,400°F Red

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