Star Search

On a clear dark night, you can look up in the sky and see about 2,000 stars without the help of a telescope. But unless you know which stars form constellations, all you will be seeing are stars. Carefully poke holes in the Constellation Patterns sheet on page 239, using a sharp pencil. Then, tonight, when it is dark, hold a flashlight behind the paper to make the constellations appear. Below are star charts to further help you recognize the constellations. To use the charts, turn them until the present month is at the bottom. Depending on your position and the time of night, you should be able to see most of the constellations in the middle and upper part of the chart.

1. Using the Constellation Patterns sheet to help you. label as many of the constellations in the chart as you can.

2. Which constellations should you be able to see tonight?_

3. When it is dark, go outside to look for constellations.

4. Which ones do you actually see?

5. On paper, draw the night sky you see. Draw a small X in the center. This should be the point in the sky directly above you.

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