Sunsational Puzzle

If we could travel from the Sun's core, or center, to the surface we would be at the photosphere, which is the surface part of the Sun seen from Earth. Flashes of light seen by scientists on the surface of the Sun are called flares, and dark patches are called sunspots. Sometimes eruptions of gas. called prominences, can also be seen during a solar eclipse. Just above the Sun's surface is a layer of bright gases called the chromosphere. The corona, the region beyond the chromosphere, consists of white concentric circles of light that radiate from the Sun.

Use words from the Word Bank to complete the crossword puzzle

Word Bank

Sun flares sunspots chromosphere core corona photosphere prominences puzzie. a

puzzie. a


3. The part of the Sun you can see

4. Huge glowing ball of gases at the center of our solar system

5. The region of the Sun's atmosphere above the chromosphere

6. Big. bright eruptions of gas

7. Flashes of light on the Sun's surface


1. The middle part of the Sun's atmosphere

2. The center of the Sun

4. Dark patches that sometimes appear on the Sun

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