The Last of the Rocky Planets

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Can you name the four planets with rocky surfaces? They are Mercury. Venus. Earth, and Mars. Each planet has a surface you could walk on.

Although Mars Is much colder than Earth, it is like Earth in many ways. Mars has polar ice caps just as Earth has the North and South Poles. These caps grow smaller or larger when the Martian seasons get warmer or colder.

Scientists have also seen dark green or blue-grey areas on Mars. These areas grow smaller in the winter season and larger during the Martian summer. Scientists think the areas are covered and uncovered by blowing sand.

Mars also has lines or "canals" running between the dark areas. Scientists know these are not canals that carry water, but they are not sure what they really might be.

Make a Mars Mobile!

1. Use a 2 i inch styrofoam ball.

2. Wrap the ball in a single layer of masking tape. The tape will give you ridges and bumps just like the planet.

3. Use a spoon, the flat end of a pen. or anything else you can think of to make craters, volcanoes, canyons, or canals.

4. Use markers to color the planet shades of red. Don't forget the polar ice caps.

5. Push an opened paper clip into your planet and hang it with a string.

Mars, the fourth planet from the Sun, Is half the size of Earth. Mars has two moons. It has been called the Red Planet because of its red color. Ports of this planet's surface are covered with sand dunes and dry, reddish deserts. Other areas look like dried up riverbeds. Some scientists believe water may once have flowed on Mars. Mars also has two polar caps made up of frozen water and dry ice. Pink, blue, and white clouds move through the Red Planet's sky.

For a long time, some people thought there might be life on Mars. When two U.S. spacecraft landed on the planet in 1976, they sent back photographs of Mars and did experiments to find out If life exists there. Scientists now believe thot Mars does not have plant or animal life like that on Earth.

1. Mars is the_planet from the Sun, and It has_moons.

2. Mars is nicknamed the_.

3. Two U.S. spacecraft landed on Mars In_, sent back photographs.

4. Mars has dry, reddish_and what looks like dried up_.

5. Mars has two_made of frozen water and dry ice.

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