We See Our Moon

Earth has one moon. It is the Moon that we see in the sky. The Moon is Earth's partner in space. It orbits the Earth. It also orbits the Sun along with the Earth.

The Moon looks large because it Is closer to Earth than the Sun or planets. Four moons would stretch across the diameter ot the Earth.

In IW, astronaut Neil Armstrong took the first steps on the Moon. Scientists have studied rocks brought back from the Moon. The surface of the Moon has many deep holes called craters. It has flat areas called maria. The Moon also has rocky mountain areas called highlands. There is no air. wind, or water on the Moon. No life exists there.

Write the boldfaced word from the story that matches each definition.

1. deep holes in the Moon's surface_

2. to make a path around_

3. flat land on the Moon_

4. the widest part of the Earth_

5. areas with rocky mountains_

6. a person who travels In space_

Write two sentences about the Moon using two of the boldfaced words. I___

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