Weight and Gravity

Making a Scale Directions:

1. Use a hole punch or scissors to punch two holes exactly opposite each other at the top of a clear plastic cup.

2. Cut a piece of fishing line 6" long. Tie one end to one hole and the other end to the opposite hole.

3. Tape a ruler to the top of a table so one end hangs over the edge. Then, tape a piece of tagboard to the side of the table.

4. Wrap a rubber band around the fishing line and loop it inside itself. Now hang the rubber band from the ruler. The cup should hang in front of the tagboard.

Comparing Weights To weigh an object, place it in the cup. The heavier the object, the lower the cup will sag. To record its weight, put a mark on the tagboard even with the bottom of the cup and write the name of the object next to the mark.

Make a prediction. Put all the objects on the table. Line them up in order from the lightest to the heaviest. Now weigh the objects. Number them from lightest to heaviest, with I the lightest and 8 the heaviest.

_scissors __small jar of water _pencil coin stone _crayon box _eraser _magnifying glass

How accurate was your prediction? Extension:

Why is gravity important to human beings?_

What would happen if there were no gravity?

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