Whats in Our Solar System

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An astronomer, or scientist who studies the universe, might make this list if you asked her what Is in our solar system.

Now write a definition for each of these words. I. astronomer____

• one star, or hot glowing ball of gases, called the Sun

• small chunks of rock or ice called meteoroids

• lots of empty space nine worlds called planets that travel around the Sun chunks of rock and metal called asteroids frozen balls of dirty ice called comets

2. star

3. planets

4. asteroids

5. meteoroids

Solar means anything having to do with the Sun or something that uses or operates with energy from the Sun. Our solar system consists of the nine known planets, their moons, asteroids, meteor-oids. and comets orbiting the Sun. A meteoroid is a small piece of rock or metal traveling through space. A meteor is the name of a meteoroid that falls to Earth, producing a streak of light in the sky. A comet is a mass of ice and rock that orbits the Sun. Asteroids are large pieces of rock and metal that are mostly found between Mars and Jupiter. There are 101 known moons, or satellites, that orbit the planets. The Sun is by far the biggest and heaviest celestial body in our solar system.


4. The Sun is the heaviest_body.

5. Pertaining to the Sun

7. A mass of ice and rock that orbits the Sun

Q. Earth is part of the solar_.


1. They are a part of our solar system.

2. Number of planets in our solar system

3. Earth and Mars are

6. To repeatedly move around a star or planet in the some path 8. Earth uses_from the Sun.

10. Earth s closest neighbor

11. They are large pieces of rock and metal.

Find the space words in the puzzle below. The words go across and down. Use the Word Bank to help you. and circle the words as you find them.

Word Bank












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