Why Dont People Live on the Moon

There is no air and no water on the Moon. It would be almost impossible to live there unless special places were built In which people could live. Since there is no air around It to protect it from the heat of the Sun, the Moon is boiling hot during the day but at night it is freezing cold! You would need special gravity boots to help you walk on the Moon, because the Moon's gravity is not as strong as the Earth's.

I. How could you breathe on the Moon?

2. Could plants grow on the Moon? Why or why not?

3. Where could you jump higher, on the Earth or on the Moon?

4. Does the American flag that astronauts left on the Moon wave in the wind?_

5. Does the Moon always look the same to someone on the Earth?_

6. If you could build a city on the Moon, what would it look like? How would you get water and food?_

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