where n(t,robs,t) is the differential rigidity CR density, no (r) is the differential rigidity density spectrum in the local interstellar medium out of the Heliosphere, a ~ 1.5, u(r, t) is the effective solar wind velocity (taking into account also shock waves and high speed solar wind streams), and Kr (r, r, t) is the radial diffusion coefficient in dependence of the distance r from the Sun of particles with rigidity R at the time t. According to Dorman and Dorman (1967a,b), Dorman (M1975b) the connection between Kr (r,r,t) and solar activity can be described by the relation

where W(t - r/u )is the sunspot number in the time t - r/u . By the comparison with observation data it was determined in Dorman and Dorman (1967a,b), Dorman (M 1975b) that parameter 0 < 3< 1 and a ~ 1/3 in the period of high solar activity (((t) = Wmax) and a~ 1 near solar minimum (((t) << Wmax). Here we suppose, in accordance with Dorman et al. (1997), that a(t ) = 1/3 + (2/3)(l - W (t )/Wmax ), (2.45.3)

where ^max is the sunspot number in the maximum of solar activity cycle.

According to Eq. 2.45.1 the value of the natural logarithm of observed CR intensity global modulation at the Earth's orbit, taking into account Eq. 2.45.2 and Eq. 2.45.3, will be ln(t rE,t)obs ) = A(R,X0,0)-B(R,X00))t,X0,0,W(t - X) j , (2.45.4) where

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