2.33.4. Kinetic coefficients and transport mean free paths

Let us first consider the limiting case of the absence of resonance broadening, œ = 0 and r (m) = 1. In the kinetic coefficient (2.33.9), we expand the corresponding functions in terms of Bessel functions. We transform the series of Bessel functions and add the series using the addition formula for the Bessel functions

where p = 2zsin(/?/2), Jn (p), is the Bessel function of order n. The integrations in Eq. 2.33.9 yield a kinetic coefficient in the form bo (n) = Co (vKK /o)(//^R ) , (2.33.12)

Let us now turn to the diffusion approximation using the formulae

In this case

A 0 = 3(p2®"2 )r(^//r)1-v(4(2-v)(2-v/2)Co (v))-1. (2.33.15)

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