Cy20 Acy21

Fig. 2.45.2. Dependences Xo max (Adr ) for Climax NM.

2.45.4. The inverse problem for CR propagation and modulation during solar cycle 22 on the basis of NM data

In the Section 2.45.4 was considered the relative role of convection-diffusion and drifts in the long-term CR modulation on the basis of a comparison of observations in odd and even cycles of SA: it was shown that the time-lag Xo max between CR and SA in the odd cycles 19, 21 decreases with increasing of the amplitude of the drift effect Adr, but in the even cycles 20, 22, Xomax increases with increasing Adr. To determine Xomax and Adr separately, in the Section 2.45.4 was assumed that for a first approximation Xomax and Adr are about the same in odd and even solar cycles. In this case the crossing of dependences Xomax (Adr) for

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