Dz 2V de azde de ecoseoyoyo

The Eq. 2.10.2 is written for a stationary case and the point source (with the coordinates zo,do) is added in the right side. The value A// (z) is determined by means of Eq. 2.6.19-Eq. 2.6.21 and has the meaning of a particle transport path (Galperin et al., 1971):

The transport path A// (z) depends on a particle momentum and on the field intensities H^and according to the law A // (z )« p2~v H2/( • At v> 2 the transport path decreases with the growth of particle energy. This is explained by the fact that the particles are scattered by the inhomogeneities of a higher scale the greater is a particle Larmor radius, and the number of inhomogeneities in this case is increased with their scale. To solve the Eq. 2.10.2 let us introduce the new variable p = (1/2)lnH° . Then Eq. 2.10.2 takes the form

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