Estimation of possible additional acceleration of CR particles in the region of galaxies collision

Let us consider as an example the region of collision of the halos of two galaxies moving one against the other with a velocity ~ 108 cm/sec. Let us suppose that both galaxies to be characterized by about the same characteristics as considered in Section 4.20.6 for our Galaxy. Then we suppose that i ~ i^h ~ 15

pc, Th ~ 2.3 X107 years. If |u20 - U10| ~ 2x^cmsec we obtain according to Eq.

4.20.21 that Tac ~ 3 x106 years. This means that in the region of the halo's collision of two galaxies according to Eq. 4.20.23 can be realized effective additional acceleration with an increase of energy up to exp((h/Tac) ~ 102-103 times.

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