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In this case, A// « p2- v . The contribution of strong random scattering is significant at any strengths of the random magnetic field. The momentum dependence of A // in this case is similar to that numerically calculated by Teufel and Schlickeiser (2002, 2003) and Shalchi and Schlickeiser (2004).

2.33.5. Comparison with experimental data

For protons with energy of 200 MeV scattered in a weakly disturbed interplanetary medium, substituting R = 4 x1010 cm, L// = L± = 2 x1012 cm, v = 1.67,

and Q ¡m = 8 yields A// = 0.25 AU. This value of A// is close to the mean experimental values from Palmer (1982). The values of A // are close to those from Shalchi and Schlickeiser (2004), in which, however, slab turbulence produces the main scattering. Thus, the weak momentum dependence of A // for solar CR over a wide energy range from several MeV to several GeV can be explained in terms of strong (moderate) random scattering by two-dimensional turbulence in the solar wind.

In the case of the very strong turbulence in co-rotating interaction region of the outer Heliosphere

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