It follows from Eq. 1.10.3 that if the inhomogeneities fill the entire trap (if A ~ l), then

CR particle diffusion across the magnetic field is also possible owing to elastic and inelastic scattering by plasma particles, which is of significant importance for the low energy particle behavior in the high density matter traps.

1.10.5. Traps with an inhomogeneous regular field

Consider first an inhomogeneous field with parallel magnetic force lines. In this case a drift should take place since the radius of curvature decreases with increasing the field intensity; the drift will be perpendicular to the field gradient. The drift velocity may be found using the perturbation method if the field intensity varies little at a distance of the radius of curvature, if (rLv)H << H . The radius of curvature in the vector form (directed as ) is rL =—M, (1.10.5)

ZeH 2

and the shift of the center of curvature is ds [pH], (1.10.6)

ZeH 3

whence, after averaging over the period of particle gyration, we shall find that

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