Inclusion of additional loss processes

According to Drury et al. (2003), it is relatively straightforward to include losses of the synchrotron or inverse Compton type (Thomson regime) in the model. These generate a downward flux in momentum space, but one which is distributed throughout the acceleration region. Combined with the fact that the size of the 'box' or region normally increases with energy this also gives an additional loss process because particles can now 'fall' through the back of the 'box' as well as being adverted out of it. Note that particles which 'fall' through the front of the box are adverted back into the acceleration region and thus this process does not work upstream. This is shown schematically in Fig 4.22.1.

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Fig. 4.22.1. A graphical representation in the x, p plane of the 'box' model of the shock wave particle acceleration. According to Drury et al. (1999).

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