is the radial diffusion coefficient (k// and k_|_ are the parallel and perpendicular components of CR diffusion coefficient relative to the regular component of interplanetary magnetic field B, and y = tan-1 (Qr/u ) is the winding angle between B and radial direction, Q is the angular speed of the Sun). In numerical calculations of propagation of anomalous and galactic CR in Le Roux and Fichtner (1997a,b) were used

5 nT

c 1GV B

Let us note that in Le Roux and Fichtner (1997a,b) Eq. 3.10.1 was used also for describing the propagation of pickup ions with p > mu as well as with p < mu (for the last case in Eq. 3.10.1 was assumed diffusion coefficient k = 0).

Let us consider the right hand part of Eq. 3.10.1. According to Le Roux and Fichtner (1997a,b) the calculation of Qpj based on standard values for the interstellar neutral density of hydrogen H (= 0.077 cm-3, where is the interstellar neutral density of H at large distances r from the Sun), and the ionisation

frequency (ve = 5 x 10 sec , where ve is the ionisation frequency at the Earth's orbit). The injection efficiency n in the right hand of Eq. 3.10.1 represents the fraction of those pickup ions that, by adiabatic heating across the Heliosphere's terminal shock, attain momentum p > mu .

The solar wind speed is self-consistently calculated in Le Roux and Fichtner (1997a,b) from a system of time-dependent equations describing a spherically symmetric one-fluid solar wind propagation (including pickup ions) in the presence of anomalues and galactic CR:

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