Fig. 2.46.14. Natural logarithm of 11-months running averages of alpha-particle fluxes for the energy interval 330-500 MeV (as LN(11MCOR), derived from Fig. 2.46.12) and corrected for drift at Adr = 0.2 (expected clean convection-diffusion modulation, plotted as LN(11MCOR-DRIFT)). From Dorman et al. (2005c).

We compare the alpha-particle fluxes corrected for drift at different Adr (expected clean convection-diffusion modulation) with values


where X, Xobs, Xo are determined by Eq. 2.46.5, and, in the frame of the 2-nd Approach,

where coefficients Cav (Ref) are given in Table 2.46.2. The Eq. 2.46.27 accounts for the time lag of interplanetary processes relative to processes on the Sun, and for the diffusion time lag Tdif (which is especially important for small energy galactic alpha-particles detected on satellites). This comparison has been done for different values of Xo (characterizing the time propagation of solar wind from the Sun to the boundary of Heliosphere, in units av. month = 365.25/12 = 30.44 days), in the frame of linear regression

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