is the operator describing a variation of a particle momentum in magnetized plasma moving with the velocity u << c, v is the velocity of a particle with a momentum p and a charge e, c is the velocity of light;

is the correlation tensor of a stochastic field H(r, t). The angular brackets in Eq. 2.11.17 mean the averaging over a statistic ensemble which corresponds to a stochastic magnetic field. The action of the operator exp(- L0t) in the collision integral StF of the kinetic Eq. 2.11.14 reduces to a substitution of a radius-vector r of the particle by r -Sr(r) and its momentum p by p -¿p(r), where Sr(r) and ¿p(r) are variations of the radius-vector and momentum of a particle in the regular magnetic field after a time interval t .

Let us consider a stochastic magnetic field to be statistically isotropic. Then, according to Section 2.3 we shall have

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