corresponding maximal energies for protons and iron nucleus, will be ~ 3 x 10 eV and ~ 1019 eV.

What theoretical limit there is for the value of Emax in the frame of the considered mechanism? To answer on this question, Gunn and Ostriker (1969) consider some collapse object with the mass Mcoi and radius rcoi near the

Schwarzschild radius rg = 2GMcoi/c2 . The maximal angle velocity Omax = cjrg , and maximal magnetic field on the surface Hpmax = G12 Mcoijrg . By using these values from Eq. 4.13.12 follows (without taking into account the logarithmic factor):

33 Z 3e3

i.e. does not depends from the mass of collapsing star. Eq. 4.13.15 gives for electrons

17 21 22

Emax ~ 5 x 1017 eV, for protons ~ 1021 eV, and for iron nucleus ~ 4 x 1022 eV.

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