(curves 1 and 2) and for No « Ek ' (curves 3 and 4) for different CR energy density. According to Babayan and Dorman (1979a).

3.9. On the type of transition layer from supersonic to subsonic fluid of the solar wind

The especially important problem is the behavior of M (r) and u(r) near critical point M = 1: what type of transition layer from supersonic regime to subsonic regime is realized - of gradual type or of shock wave type? To solve this problem Babayan and Dorman (1990) considered the behavior of the Eq. 3.8.2

near M2 = 1. Let us suppose that near the critical point r = rc (where M2 = 1)

udr where Kand j are some constants. Then from Eq. 3.8.2 we obtain:

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