atoms penetrating from interstellar space and others. According to calculations of Le Roux and Fichtner (1997), the change of solar wind speed with the distance r from the Sun can be described approximately as u(r ) Ml(1 - b(r/rtSw )), (2.46.35)

where rtsw is the distance to the terminal shock wave and parameter b ~ 0.13 0.45 depends on sub-shock compression ratio and on injection efficiency of pickup protons. On the basis of Eq. 2.46.35 we can determine the radius of CR modulation region rmod from equation:


(Xomax )opt = J («1(1 - br/rtsw ))_1 dr = -rtsw ln(- b + rmod /rtsw V(b«1 ) ,(2.46.36)

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Renewable Energy Eco Friendly

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