GP (x,t)=J dP1GPP1 (x,t) rP (x,t) = J dP1V1//GPP1 (x,t) (2.8.77)

and GPP1 (x,t) is the Green's function of the equation describing particles scattering in the small scale random magnetic field, Bocx(x,t), Qa(x,t) and Socx(x,t) are correlation tensors of the large scale magnetic field H1, of the velocity field u, and their cross-correlation tensor, respectively.

Representing the distribution function in the form

Katz and Yacobi (1997) obtain from Eq. 2.8.71 the set of equations for the density N(r, p, t) and a small anisotropic addition SF(r, p, t):

dN + Kn^Ä^ - -LiPp2as)tl = Va<«i«j),Vr.lN, (ZÜ.TO)

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