Fig. 2.46.7. The same as in Fig. 2.46.5, but for Ek > 30 MeV.

A more complicated situation is found for GOES data in narrow energy intervals: 60-100 MeV, 30-60 MeV, 10-30 MeV and 5-10 MeV. In these cases the number of months contaminated by solar CR increases is so large that it was necessary to do frequent data interpolation for excluding defect months. Moreover, after December 1995 all data have jumps, different for different energy intervals. We determined the values of jumps and applied correction on monthly data. Then, we computed 11- month moving averages and natural logarithms of monthly and 11-month moving averages of proton fluxes in different energy intervals. In Fig. 2.46.8 and 2.46.9 examples of this analysis for 60-100 MeV energy interval are shown.

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