Fig. 2.46.16. The dependences of correlation coefficient Ymax (circles, left scale)) and Xomax (triangles, right scale) from drift amplitude . From From Dorman et al. (2005c).

The dependences shown in Fig. 2.46.16 can be approximated as

^max =-3.486Alr + 2.081Adr - 0.282Adr - 0.972, (2.46.32)

From Eq. 2.46.32 and Eq. 2.46.33 we can determine the optimal values of Adr and Xo max for which the correlation coefficient is the highest (-0.98275):

2.46.9. Main results of the inverse problem solution for satellite alpha-particles

According to direct measurements on space probes the average solar wind speed for the period 1965-1990 near the Earth's orbit at r = 1AU was u\ = 4.41 x 107 cm/sec = 7.73 AU/av. month. The function u(r) is determined by solar wind interactions with galactic CR and anomalous CR component, with neutral

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