In Eq. 1.13 24 gamma ray emissivity


is determined by Eq. 1.13.18 taking into account that r = fobs + L + 2robslaû)/2 , e = ûobs + arccos

sin Ae sin

Ae- arcsin

According to Eq. 1.13.18 and Eq. 1.13.24-1.13.27 the expected angle distribution and time variations of gamma ray fluxes for local observer (robs < ro) from interaction of solar energetic protons with solar wind matter will be determined by the energy spectrum of proton generation on the Sun Nop (Ek) by the diffusion coefficient Kp (Ek), and parameters of solar wind in the period of event near the Earth orbit n1(o,~) and u1(o,~).

In the case of spherical symmetry we obtain

° YpH (EY, robs t] = FpH (EY, r = robs sin V t)omax - 0min )robs sin V , (1.13.28)

where p is the angle between direction on the Sun and direction of observation,


[- arccos(roès sin (/ri ) if robs > ri : 2 if robs ^ ri ■

For the great solar FEP event with the total energy in FEP about 1032 ergs Eq. 1.13.28 for robs = 1 AU gives

6.7 x10

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