In Eq. 2.36.3 and Eq. 2.36.4 v is the particle speed, Bo is the magnitude of the background magnetic field, ls is the correlation length of the magnetic field, s is the fraction of slab turbulence, Cs is the level of the turbulence, c is the speed of light, and R is the particle rigidity. The quantity b determines the transition from K/ilv ^ R to Killv ^ R2 for particles resonant with fluctuations in the energy range of the magnetic field power spectrum: if b is equal to 1, only K///v ^ R2 occurs, while if it is greater than one both occur. In Eq. 2.36.4 the terms in square brackets ensure a smooth transition from one rigidity dependence to the next. To describe the anisotropic diffusion perpendicular to the field, and drift, Burger et al. (1999) used

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